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Dayton -> Seattle Road Trip, Day 4

By kwesthaus

Tagged: adventure roadtrip

Day 4: Dierks Lake, AR -> Arlington, TX

Miles driven: 295.0 (total: 1129.4)

§ Summary

Last night I completed the trifecta of my sleeping options by staying in the tent. I enjoyed a peaceful morning with the birds and Swamp cypress (?) knees (tree roots) next to the lake before hitting the road.

I stopped by Durant, OK to see the Choctaw Cultural Center. I was prepared to see the U.S.'s dark history with respect to Native American treatment, and while that was definitely covered, I was impressed with the focus of not letting that define Choctaw culture.

My final destination for the day was Arlington, TX to see an old friend from high school. Shoutout to Brian for showing me around town, sharing a great meal (Texas BBQ of course!), and offering a place to stay for the night.

§ Pictures

Kyle's morning tent site

Swamp cypress (?) knees (tree roots) next to the lake

Replica village at Choctaw Cultural Center

Large entrance gate at Choctaw Cultural Center

Texas brisket piled onto a sandwich with sides of macaroni and cheese, cream corn, and burnt ends