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Dayton -> Seattle Road Trip, Day 6

By kwesthaus

Tagged: adventure roadtrip

Day 6: Abilene, TX -> Eunice, NM

Miles driven: 258.8 (total: 1598.5)

§ Summary

Last night I stayed at a public park a few miles out of Abilene. I woke up earlier than intended this morning due to the hot Texas sun beating down into my tent. The heat is a big part of this trip since I'm going to the Southwest in the middle of summer. I've been on the road a few days now (and sweating the whole time) so I went into town to do laundry, buy a portable rechargeable fan, and get some fresh fruit.

Feeling refreshed, I drove to a small town (Eunice) just across the Texas-New Mexico border, going through oil country the whole time. I ate dinner at a Subway in a small grocery store and used the free wifi to catch up on some emails before heading to the Love's truck stop nearby for a shower. A trucker overheard me asking how the process works at Love's since I've never used their shower facilities before and was nice enough to share one of his unlimited shower credits, which saved me $16.

Afterwards, I again went to a public park a few miles out of town for the night. I set up my sleeping pad and bag on a picnic table with a beautiful view of the Milky Way. Eunice is completely surrounded by oil wells (seen as the hundreds of dirt rectangles in the last picture), so much that I could smell the oil in the air as I fell asleep.

§ Pictures

Kyle in tent after being woken up by the hot Texas sun

Desert sky at night revealing the milky way

Satellite view of Eunice, NM showing surrounding oil wells